January 12, 2017 Whereabouts 2 Comments

I know this might seem trivial with the amount of human suffering going on in the world.  But for those of us dog lovers, the loss of a pet is like losing a part of our family.  Because that is what they are Family.

As I drove home from picking up her ashes today.  I absolutely broke down again in tears.  One thing I realized driving home is she was always there for me.  The years she came into our home, were the hardest years of my life.  She followed me around and looked at me with such admiration and she did this hours of each day.  I never felt alone because she was there. And I was alone a lot.  All I had to do was grab the leash and she was ready to go with me wherever I was going.  Unconditionally.  And we went on quite an adventure. Some of them physically ..like road trips to the beach, Nashville  and  the mountains.  And other life adventures like a divorce, moves and restarts.  She was always up for the changes.


We got Smidgen in 2004 from my daughter’s best friends family who had a house fire and couldn’t keep their “new puppy” while rebuilding.  I had lost a dog the year before and was ready to have a new one, so I gladly accepted the offer and our journey with The Smidge began.


First weekend with the Smidge I was entertaining my sister and her friends for her bachelorette party in Louisville .. so up came all these girls from Nashville.  Smidge was showered with attention and in return after eating up all the attention, she ate all of their panties and 1 pair of jeans of one of the guests.  One of the girls told me “my dog also did that as a puppy, but she grew out of it”.  That was music to my ears.. but My Smidge never grew out of this little obsession.  And that is what it became .. An obsession.  For the next 14 years, it was a cat and mouse game of hiding panties.. you never ever ever.. just left them on the floor.  They would be confiscated and destroyed by the Smidge.  And the creative ways she would sneak and try to collect these articles of clothing was nothing shy of ingenious.  She could easily unzip a suitcase, back pack, open drawers, doors, etc.  And she would wait till the exact time that you were not looking to attempt it.  She was masterful and very successful in her endeavors.  I am sure TJMaxx lingerie department will have a dip in their sales this year.  It has been weird with her gone, leaving doors open, and dirty laundry on the ground until I can take it to the basement for wash.  These are the daily things I will miss about my Smidge.


The walks we shared together.  I am not kidding when I bet we clocked thousands of miles together.  She was my walking partner.  She ALWAYS would walk in front of me, no heeling for her, she was a Beagle and was supposed to lead.  I’m pretty sure even Cesar Millan could not have taught her to heel.  Her instincts were so strong. And her nose even stronger… if she happened to catch a scent of a rabbit or a squirrel, my arm would practically be pulled off.  It would then become a little bit of a struggle to get her back in sync walking way ahead of me.  So many times, it would drive me crazy when she was her young spry self… but as she got older and seem to tire out very easily, I knew that othe day would come when she would not be there.  My favorite walks were at my parents’ house who live on a beautiful country road.  My total walk is about 8 miles, but I would let Smidge loose on these walks and she LOVED it!  She would catch a scent and head way up the hills on the side of the road.  I would hear her howling that Beagle yell.  And I would keep walking on.. sometimes I would not see her for a while.  As soon as I would get a little worried about her.. I would look back and she would be racing the ½ – 1 mile or so up to catch up with me.. She was really fast.  This is one of my favorite memories.  I will miss our walks and  plan on spreading her ashes on that road we had so many wonderful walks together.


look close…there she is!


it was hard to hold her down for a pic !

The Trash.  I have never been able to keep a trash can with My Smidge.  She is so smart that no matter what kind I would try, she would somehow find a way to get in it.  So, I would keep a small Kroger bag on the counter and then take it out when I would leave.  As much as I am excited about actually getting a under counter pull out trash can.  I will miss the mischievous ways she would always jump up on the counter and try to get the trash.  Everyone that frequented my house, which were tons of girls usually (my daughters’ friends) knew where the trash / Kroger bag was and knew to ALWAYS shut the door to my daughter’s room.  There were certain times of the month she GOT REALLY OBSEESED with the trash.. but those stories are only reserved for a few.. not the masses.. But there are tons of stories there as well!

I could go on and on about The Smidge.  Our road trips and fun.  She was a great family dog, always sweet to all. Mischievous in ways that were hilarious, from getting up on Thanksgiving Table to eating numerous lunch boxes, eating my just rolled peanut butter balls at Christmas, escaping her fenced in yard and wondering the neighborhood strutting down the street like she had an appointment to go on.   The memories are endless.  How thankful I am for the unconditional love she gave to us during all the years of her life.


she loved her naps!


and she loved to ride in the car!


and of course she loved the sunshine!


I’m sure she was trying to get to a treat!


Oh, How I will miss My Smidge.
Every day of my life.
Rest in Peace sweet dog.

Written by Amy Jane