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All I can say is this is FUN!! I recently was a hostess for a family bridal shower. Since we have quite a few of these events in my large family (my mom was the youngest of 16… no… that is not a typo.. ) My grandmother had 16 children, all with the same man! … I wanted to try something different.

I decided a Mimosa bar would do the trick. Any cocktail that is socially acceptable to drink in the morning is a friend of mine.  I think just about any type of libations on a Sunday makes it a Funday, especially one that is light, fruity, and sparkly.  And this day was no exception. This idea not only added the fun… but also makes such a pretty presentation.

I wanted to offer not just the typical orange juice mimosa but take it up a notch or two.  I had three choices for the juices: orange, pineapple and cranberry.  I even saw a few guests mixing the pineapple with orange and cranberry.  All types of creations were being made…with the variations of these three juices.   Other juice you could try:  Pomegranate, grapefruit ( just makes my eyes twitch), blackberry, peach, kiwi- strawberry, mango or even lemonade.  There are actually all sorts of juices and other flavored sparkling waters now offered in the grocery store if you want to get fancier..  go for it!


Oh!  Don’t forget to make a sign to let your guests know what type of juices you are offering.. and I also purchased a little chalk board for a Mimosa Bar Sign.  Picked mine up at Tuesday Morning… for $11.99, but they are available at Michaels and other craft stores.

An ice bucket is a must, not only to display the champagne but to keep it chilled so it is nice and bubbly.


And then add the garnishing.. this is the REALLY fun part.. have a few small bowls in front of your carafes of juices with some fruit cut into small pieces.  We had sliced pineapple, oranges, strawberries and blueberries.  But you could also try:  blackberry, pomegranate, grapefruit, raspberry , or kiwi to name some other options.


We used mini spoons to serve the fruit.  My mom had some sterling mini spoons (my mom has a little bit of everything) ..but if you don’t have a mom that is a collector / hoarder (just kidding Mom :) ) ….. than you can purchase these at Party City or any of those types of stores.  The Mini Tasting Treats Fad is pretty big right now.. so these spoons shouldn’t be too hard to find! Or you could use tongs.

Another idea (but was too much effort for me.. ) is to line the rim with sugar.. this would add a special touch ( if you want to go the extra mile.. you over achievers :) )

That’s it!  It is that easy to create a festive atmosphere with minimal effort.. But has HUGE payoffs!!  It would be great for a brunch, luncheon, a Sip ‘n See, or even a wedding.

And a oh SO FUN Sunday afternoon bridal tea!



Written by Amy Jane