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I Saw the Light.. Premiere in Louisville March 16th

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What a great night to be in Louisville, to be a country music fan and a film lover!  I am originally from Music City aka Nashville. So… I love all kinds of music.  But especially if it is about the legendary Hank Williams SR. He truly has a way of … Melting my Cold, Cold Heart.


I grew up going to parties where they would cover the famous songs like Honky Tonkin, I’m so Lonesome I Could Die and Your Cheatin Heart.  Classic ole’ timey country.  Sometimes I feel like I was born at the wrong era… Love the hats, the outfits, the sound, everything about it.  It was just so real and so raw.  And bought them a lot of beans and biscuits ( as Hank would say!)image003 image001image002

But enough about the past.  Recently in Louisville at our brand new remodeled Speed Museum there was a premiere of I Saw the Light.  The Speed Museum has undergone a 60-million-dollar expansion and is seriously a big league place.  They collaborate with the likes of The Louvre in France and the Metropolitan in New York.. It is truly a place to behold.  With the new expansion came a state-of –the-art … Speed Cinema.  It seats 142 people and is perfect for screening or other special events and also shows film twice daily of a diverse mix of American Independent and International Films.  And it brought one of my new favorite peeps to town Dean Otto, who we poached from the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN.  He is the curator and a sincerely engaging and wonderful human being…. And Louisville is excited to have him!


On March 16th we were all in for a treat with the sneak peak of the Mark Abraham (a Louisville native) newest endeavor.. I Saw the Light which released theatrically in April.  It is based on the book “Hank Williams: The Biography”, Mark Abraham is an amazing producer who has brought us so many movies including Dawn of the Dead, the Emperor’s Club, Trippin’, and so many others.  One of my favorites being The Commitments, an intriguing movie about a band in Ireland. It was one of those “sleeper” hits that everyone rented back in the 90’s and I recall it having a great soundtrack!


But back to Mark Abraham’s most recent project to hit the big screen.. I Saw the Light..   Starring Tom Hiddleston (Thor, The Avengers, Crimson Park and Taylor Swift’s new man…to name a few) and Elizabeth Olsen.  Its hard to believe Tom Hiddleston is an English actor.. he has the part of Hank down PERFECTLY.  If you read the reviews ( I swear I am always opposite of these critics) you would think it was NOT worth the watch…But do what I do.. whatever the critics hate .. is usually what I go see… And as usual it is what I like.   And I loved this movie.  Tom Hiddleston teams up with Rodney Crowell (a total legend) to nail this part.. and I believe he does a fantastic job of it.. and he is Hey Hey .. Good lookin’.

The movie is fantastic.  If you have not seen.. Well worth the watch!  As far as the reception pre-movie.. loads of fun as well.  As you can see by the pictures, some of Louisville’s film society elite, Louisville’s own YouTube star (Kate Duncan), fans of Mark Abraham and fans of country music and Hank.  The Speed Cinema is a great venue for a terrific screening and this night was an exceptional one!

Here is the official trailer to the Movie:


Speed Art Museum- A must see!


Catch the movie on Netflix, Redbox, ITunes. Amazon and DVD.. this is one to rent for sure!!

And here are some fun pics from the pre-party!


Written by Amy Jane