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My daughter just graduated from high school and she is heading down to New Orleans for college. I am not crazy about her leaving the nest…but if she has to go somewhere I will take New Orleans.   I am super excited about exploring this city.  I have been to New Orleans 3 or 4 times in my life.  But I am sure with her being there for the next 4 years.. I am going to be spending a TON of time there.  We have a trip planned in June for Orientation and I have booked myself at a neat Bed & Breakfast in the Garden District, So I am sure I will be writing about that trip later.  I can’t wait to probe more intensely into the architecture, gardens. food and music that this city has to offer.

Speaking of music.. Week after graduation.. guess who came to Louisville?  But New Orleans native Harry Connick Jr.  I had two tickets ( thanks to my sweet boyfriend!) I wanted to take my daughter. Thought this would be a perfect outing to begin our exploration of the NOLA culture.

Here was our txt:

Me:  You want to go see Harry Connick Jr tomorrow night??  He’s a native Nola man!

Her:  Who is that?

Me:  An Awesome Musician

Her:  Then yeah!  Where?

Me: Kentucky Center.. he’s a jazz musician. But he’s like my age and really cute.

Here:  Okay!

Me:  I sent her the link to Wikipedia explaining who he is ( probably overkill)

Me:  Big Time Celebrity..he is from and has a house in New Orleans and another in New York.. married to a Victoria Secret model. ( more overkill…since she had already said she would go)

Her:  Okay I said I’d go. ( irritated)


After all of that .. I realized.. all I had to say was he was a judge on American Idol..  All the kids now know him from that show.


Anyway.. the next night we headed downtown….. we decided to hit Garage Bar before the show.  I love the atmosphere at this place.. but the service is never that great.  It was especially slow that evening because it was literally a Dial up the Weather kind of day. Sunny, no humidity and 70 degrees.  So it was packed but the pizza was good.


image002 image001


Then we headed to the Kentucky Center.  The show was amazing.. he is such a talented musician.  He played the keyboard, piano, guitar, and a trumpet during the show.  He is an exceptional performer and a delight to see in concert.  Extremely personal with the crowd.  A couple even got engaged during the show and he brought them up to dance while he sang. What a great night.. we both loved it.. He had so many New Orleans references during the concert and in his music, just makes you want to hit Bourbon Street.


This show was incredible and what a great way to kick off my New Orleans Culture and Traditions 4-year tour that I am about to embark on.


And another great memory in the book with my daughter.  She later googled him and he had been the guest speaker for the graduation commencement speech at the college she will attend.. so that made him even cooler. Not that he needed any help.

What a night.  All I can say.. if you get the chance to see him GO!

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Written by Amy Jane