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I love throwing parties.  I also love going to parties.  My daughter graduated this year and we have been to a bunch of graduation parties.  One thing that definitely makes a graduation party extra special is personalizing it.  You can do this fairly inexpensively with the help of photo centers at Sams Club, Costco or Walmart.  I picked out a ton of photos and had copies of them made of my daughter through the years, and we hung them from strings all over the place for her party.

I tried to find older pics of some with her friends and family that would be attending her party.  I also had a few of the pics blown up and I hung these around.  My favorite one was one with her holding a bowl of ice cream.. I hung this one strategically over the dessert table.


One of the coolest things I saw at another grad party was an almost life-size standee of the two grads that were the honoree graduates.  You could take a picture with them as you walked in. It made an adorable greeting for the entrance to this party.. so..  I contacted this creative mom to see how she made this. It is just ingenious because it is so easy and cheap to do.. but makes such a great statement… she happily walked me though the easy process.

Head Shot (14.99 from Costco)
Exacto Knife
Duct tape
Tomato cage (5.99 from Walmart)
Graduation robe

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First, you take head shot of your grad with their cap on.  Then enlarge it to poster board enlargement 16 x 20 size.  She created hers at Costco. and the cost was a whopping 14.99. She then cuts out the head with the cap on with an exacto knife.  Then you wrap the 3 legs of the tomato cage that usually go into the ground and create a 3-point holder with duct tape.. after wrapping this is will make a little holder for you to place the hangar on.  You then duct tape a hanger onto the back of the cut out pic and place it into the tomato cage 3 points holder.  Then hang the graduation robe over the hanger and Voila you have an almost life-size real life grad standee.

It creates a great entrance for a grad party.. or you could do the same thing for other parties.. a wedding shower, etc.. It would be great to create a photo booth with these for wedding showers, baby showers, birthday parties.. everyone could get pics with these personalized standees.    Anyway.. thought it was a great idea to pass along. and especially for the price.. about $20 in expenses since you probably have the other materials laying around the house.  A lot of bang for your buck here!!

If you are like me and about to be an empty nester.. you could place it in their room and just pretend they are still home.

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Written by Amy Jane