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Get Boo-ed

I love it when it turns October.  It’s Boo time!!  Looking for a fun way to spread the Halloween Spirit?  Try doing this fun Halloween Activity, it is sure to create excitement and smiles galore in your hood!  I used to love doing this with my daughter. But now that she is in college and I am an “empty nester” … I decided to ask my lil’ 6-year-old neighbor to join me in the fun!

Because it is seriously . so much fun!!!

First, it’s easy… and can be cheap too!  If you buy items on sale, right after Halloween for the next year, you can really do it cheaply….  just remember where you put the items. (sometimes, I have done this and find the items later … duh!!). The idea is to do a little gift basket, full of Halloween treats for your neighbors.  Drop if off anonymously, ring the door bell, leave your treats and run!!

 It is simply a Blast!!

Fun activity to show kids the act of anonymous gift giving, and it is fun to watch the “spirit” haunt the neighborhood.

Use the attachments to run off the instructions and the sign to hang on your door to let others know…

You’ve been Boo-ed..  and let the fun begin!!!

some of the items I put in this years’ bags!!!

Finished bag!!!

Look how cute it looks left on a porch!!!

How To Boo:

  • Enjoy your treats
  • Display your Boo Sign
  • Prepare 2 treat baskets for unsuspecting neighbors
  • Print and include copies of this letter
  • Deliver your treats
  • Sit back and watch the Halloween Spirit grow!
Written by Amy Jane