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I am heading into what people keep telling me is a New Chapter in my life.  The only problem is I like my current chapter.. I am not ready to flip the page.. 18 years is just not enough for me.  I have basically been a single mother my daughter’s entire life.  We are very very close.. so when I say I will probably be in fetal position in bed for weeks after August I mean it.  The thought of her going to college just rips my heart out.  I know she is ready. I am the one who is not.

For me, everything is the LAST.  The LAST PROM, THE LAST TALENT SHOW, THE LAST DIVE MEET, Etc.  All of the events you sit at day in and day out when you are a mother.. and sometime you wish you were somewhere else. Well don’t because you will blink and it will be OVER!  Enjoy that very moment.

Anyway.. its approaching my daughter’s LAST birthday when she is under my roof and will not be away at college.  Of course nostalgia is setting in… as I am remembering other birthdays and birthday parties that have come and gone.  One of my favorite parties was her 13 birthday.


My sweet nieces wearing my daughters flower girl gowns.

I was at one of those school auctions and they were doing a silent auction and I purchased a great deal on a tea for ladies.  It was at a beautiful historic home here in Louisville called Whitehall.   Check it out.. such a beautiful place for an event, So I bought it!  The gorgeous historic home looks like something out of Gone With the Wind.. so it inspired me to do an elegant tea for my daughters 13th bday party.  So the planning began.


Her birthday was a couple months away so we started collecting tea cups and matching saucers for each girl invited.  We would hit different goodwill stores, thrift stores, garage sales (we love to junk sale shop). My daughter and I created this fun experience shopping for each girl’s “perfect” cup to give to each guest as their favor.    I bet to this day her guests have no idea that my daughter and I actually thought the cup fit their personality.   These are the memories I treasure.  It stirred up tons of great conversations about their friendships and different personalities.  Little opportunities for life lessons in those shopping excursions.


As I said in my Mimosa post at my mom is a collector.  I am one of three girls, and she literally has every formal, presentation, or bridesmaid dress we ever wore.  I got all of those dresses and asked my friends to let me borrow or even give me any old dresses that they may have hanging in their closets.  We ended up with more than we needed and each girl no matter what size she was .. found a dress that she felt beautiful in and dressed for the tea.  My X- sister in law (we are friends, so this label does not describe us) and niece came to do make-up and hair. So the fun began.


My boyfriend is Stu Pollard, a film director and producer in LA,  he insisted everything should be documented.  Camera rolling…  (Click to see the video) the Action began.

I did not do much for the cake and ice cream (Cake was from Costco and was delicious) and ice cream was good although a little melted by the time served (oh well.. roll with it!).

It was an adorably memorable day. I know the girls at that age and a few years after were a little embarrassed by the fabulous video because they said they were going thru the “awkward stage” … but I kept telling them.. they will absolutely love it in a few years..


Blink.  A few years have now passed… braces off, grown up…these girls are now about to venture into college and have all become beautiful young ladies.  So hopefully this post won’t embarrass them too much!  But it was a great memory and a great party idea.

And was seriously done on a VERY low budget.

200.00 for the venue at a school auction (sometimes there are major deals at those things)

Cake and ice cream- less than $ 30

I think the most expensive cup and saucer we splurged at 3.00   so all in all the favors cost under $60.00—that was with tulle and ribbon to make it look cute ( most of the cups and saucers were .50- $1 each)  I have no picture of the cups.. watch the video.. you will see them!

The dresses were all donated.  The hair and make up time donated.  Video was a dear gift from my love.

The day and the adorable memories.. will go on forever..

They are priceless.

Written by Amy Jane